Active Series

Works great for coffee beverages on the go, or on a hot scorching day outing, the unforgiven and unbearable heat during your wildest outdoor adventure or even during a workout at your favourite gym.

Solid product Fast delivery and seller package it well. (120/100) . Come with different bottle cap and some lovely sticers.

Wai Hong L. @ Dec 3, 2022

Love the color, price is reasonable too, packaging is very nice too

Alfred @ Dec 16, 2022

Very good quality, comes in two types of cap. Fast delivery! And thank you for the free gift! πŸ’― recommended!

George @ Dec 30, 2022

10/10 Functionality:10/10 Warna cantik! Packaging sangat exclusive! Sangat secured! Mmg takder kemek…berfungsi dgn baik! Cuma harga agak mahal tp sb dah tersuka…beli jer lah

Elmidalina @ Jan 5, 2023