12oz Nomad Summer 354ml

Size: 12oz
Nomad Size Chart

Capacity 16OZ / 473ML

Mouth Diameter 3.46" / 8.78CM

Bottle Diameter N/A

Bottle Height (w/o cap) 6.38" / 16.20CM

Bottle Weight 8.25OZ/ 233.88GRAM

Cup Holder Compatible? YES

Capacity 12OZ / 354ML

Mouth Diameter 2.87" / 7.29CM

Bottle Diameter 2.91" / 7.39CM

Bottle Height (w/o cap) 5.51" / 14.00CM

Bottle Weight 8.5OZ / 241GRAM

Cup Holder Compatible? YES


Capacity 18OZ / 532ML

Mouth Diameter 2.87" / 7.29CM

Bottle Diameter 2.91" / 7.39CM

Bottle Height (w/o cap) 7.64" / 19.40CM

Bottle Weight 11.20OZ / 317.50GRAM

Cup Holder Compatible? YES

Sale priceRM78.00

Smaller in size, diameter and weight suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tough constructions for durability and functionality.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation


With durable stainless steel that will keep your coffee and beverages hot and warm for hours, and cold drinks using our NOMAD Bottle Straw Cap.


We care for our environment and generations, our goods are recyclable and BPA-FREE and Phthalate-Free.


High-Grade stainless-steel construct for durability while maintaining flavours as it is and it's dishwasher safe.

Measurement & Specification

Tag along for a short trip outside or just in the office. Built tough, durable with a well balance weight and its the perfect size to have. Available in multiple colorway.

Flip it open, take a sip and close it tight and you’re good to go! Our Nomad Bottle Straw Cap fits perfectly on our Nomad 12oz Series. Chuck it in your backpack and you’re ready.

WARNING! Do not use straw lids with hot beverages.

Bottle Capacity

12OZ / 354ML

Mouth Diameter

2.87" / 7.29CM

Bottle Diameter

2.91" / 7.39CM

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