21oz Standard Bottle 621ml Oceane

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Size: 621ml
Standard Series Size Chart

Capacity 21OZ / 621ML

Mouth Diameter 1.85" / 4.70CM

Bottle Diameter 2.98" / 7.60CM

Bottle Height (w/o cap) 8.5" / 21.60CM

Bottle Weight 10.3OZ / 292GRAM

Cup Holder Compatible? YES

Capacity 32OZ / 946ML

Mouth Diameter 1.85" / 4.70CM

Bottle Diameter 3.26" / 8.30CM

Bottle Height (w/o cap) 11.12" / 28.25CM

Bottle Weight 14.0OZ / 397GRAM

Cup Holder Compatible? NO


About 21oz Standard Series

It's a go getter bottle cannot be missed

Filled up your favorite hot beverages and you’re ready to go! A size that we choose perfectly for outdoor activity and even indoors. EasyGrip and balance weight that fits in your backpack as a travel companion or even in workplace. 

Note: Do not use straw lids with hot beverages.

Bottle Capacity

21OZ / 632ML

Mouth Diameter

1.85" / 4.70CM

Bottle Diameter

2.98" / 7.60CM


With durable stainless steel that will keep your coffee and beverages hot and warm for hours, and cold drinks chilled with our dishwasher-safe, insulated drinkware.

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Our double-wall and insulated drinkware are perfect for when temperature matters most.

Inspire Insulation Technology

It works to comprised of two stainless steel walls separated by air.

The wall of air between the two layers insulates the bottle by forcing heat to transfer through a layer of air.


A. All caps and straw lid from URBANCRAFT was leak proof.

B. Straw lid from the illustration image is subjected offering for particular ounces or no. Please refer to latest production description for the FREE lid we give.  


A. Sweat free features giving you easy gripping solutions avoid your bottle easily slip off from your hand when wet. 


A. Double-wall insulation technology is to prevent temperature dissipation, to keep beverages temperature hot and cold for long hours. 


A. 18/8 high quality kitchen graded stainless steel built.

B. 18/8 represent the composition of thissteel; it is 18% chromium and 8% nickel, making it very resistant to corrosion and oxidation.


A. Active bottle are powder coated.

B. Provides extended durability the bottle, ease your maintenance and it is environmental safety.


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