Customization Term

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMIZATION | All our Active, Standard and Nomad Series drinkware can be customized, however you may find certain products may be excluded due to product availability, limited marking areas, or difficulties in marking due to the design of the product. Any product that is customizable will have our customizer option available during add cart and checkout.

As for Business and corporate orders, please email us at We’re able to customize a wide range of drinkware products, which includes Active Series, Standard Series and Nomad Series. Minimum quantities may apply.

PROCESS USED ON CUSTOMIZATION | We use a fibre laser-marking technique that creates a permanent finish on the exterior of your drinkware. This process method creates the most durable, permanent, and premium quality finishing which will ensure its durability while your drinkware quality still maintain after the customization process.

CUSTOMIZATION DURATION | Our production timeline shifts daily depending on order volume. All orders are on a first-come-first-serve basis, and we promise we are working as hard as we can to get your order ship out as quickly as possible. All custom order will be reviewed and approved if necessarily by our internal production team, and your product will pack and proceed to delivery within 1- 2 days depending on daily traffic ordering status.

CUSTOM ORDER AND EDITING | Unfortunately, all orders placement after checking out and full payment made are unable to perform cancelation. However, you still have a small window of opportunity within an hour or two by simply contacting us provided with your order number and request for editing changes.

FONTS AVAILABILITY | All fonts are not permanent and so we will remove some of our fonts to make way for new ones just to keep it fresh and new. As of now, fonts available are Bauhaus 93, Archivo Black and Britannic Bold with a minimum input of three (3) characters and a maximum character of five (5). As so, don’t be surprised if you notice that the previous fonts that you’ve seen is no longer available.

TEXT | URBANCRAFT has the sole discretion to reject any order that is consider obscene, profane, defamatory, libelous, advocating, inappropriate or containing explicit sexual content or otherwise inappropriate for production output. All of this will involve human judgment and we may or will consider holding or cancel your custom order. 

CUSTOM ORDER CANCELLED | URBANCRAFT reserves the right to cancel or hold any orders that contain offensive, political, or subject to copyright protection on personalize text or keywords. Orders that are cancelled will required customer to resubmit eligible text or keywords within 5-7 days. 

COLOR MARKING | Our Fibre laser-marking is a permanent marker that finishes in a silver stainless-steel based color.

COLOR CUSTOMIZATION END RESULTS | While most of our results on fibre laser-marking will project the same results in output, our URBANCRAFT drinkware multiple color variants may have a different result depending on the color variant you choose. For example, darker color (Oceane, Noble) may vary and produce lighter based color markings, while deep vibrant colors (White, Verde, Blue Lagoon) will produce a darker based finishing while a much flatter color such as (Black, Hot Pink, Midnight Bliss, Sage Green, and Moss will have a significant stainless-steel base marking due to the silver stainless-steel based color.

MARKING OTHER SIDES OF THE PRODUCT | Yes. We only produce services which is available at this moment in our webstore unless changes and future service announcement are made.

CUSTOMIZATION FEES | A RM15 custom engraving service fee for both text and zodiac design images will be imposed upon checkout and is only available at our Official Webstore. For orders of 20 units or more, kindly contact us for further enquiry and assistants.

RETURN POLICY FOR CUSTOMIZED DRINKWARE | We cannot accept returns or exchanges of customized products.  

CUSTOMIZATION PROCESS ON MY ORDER | Webstore production process is on a first-come-first-serve basis and our daily production timeline will shifts depending on overall order volume. Our production team are working as hard as we can to ensure your order to be ship as quickly as possible. URBANCRAFT do not offer nor accept any rushed or expedited production. As for our custom orders of 20 units or more will be reviewed and approved by our production team and you will be contacted via tele conversation, emails with an estimation time and shipping/delivery window.