Where it all started, " The Camp Ground"....

It all started in a conversations with a group of friends during a camp outing. Initially we discussed about the daily life and necessity on how much volume of wastes that a single individual might generate within a day or so just on beverages. As so, we put up a scenario, where we start off with our regular morning routine such as a quick stopover at our local café outlet takeaway and maybe at the same time grabbing some breakie, by noon, a late lunch takeaway or maybe perhaps a short 15minute coffee break outside, and just right before we decided to head home, a dinner and even late supper follows,..as takeaway that is. Life hectic urbanitez.... 

From there, we started to figure out how much volume of wastes we generate in a daily basis on meals and beverage packaging such as paper and plastics per individual, and we simplified by adding average consumption of 4(four) unwanted paper or plastics per day and initially our group here have nine, and we frantically start multiplying, per month and ending up per year (ps; you do the math;) and we quickly learned that all nine(9) of us had nearly generated at least 252 pieces of unwanted paper or plastics per week and a total of 13,140 pieces in total per year! Such great numbers is a remarkable figure for a whole damn year!!!! That's crazy!

With our mind so bogged down and a moment of rare silent, it reminded me that this is not the way moving forward letting along the continuing of our wrong doing with no end in sights. In my head, clearly we need a solution to at least minimizes this zero wastes possible before it all landed in our local landfills setting aside that we don't have a proper planning nor clue or whatsoever at that point. 


Figuring out ''The Idea''

And so we when on with our normal schedule routine for a couple of months from our last camp outing and things getting a little bit serious where me and my buddies started surveying methods and potential solutions to the matters especially here in Malaysia locally. By 1st quarter 2022, we finally come up with an existing product that we can promote and carry it daily especially to combat beverages segment which is our main focus and at the same time sending out this messages to any consumers the important of minimising the impact of unwanted wastes whenever possible. 

A ''Reusable Bottle'' is key.   

Although this reusable bottle segment is widely available and old age market where you can find it elsewhere around the world, but we intended to have a different kind of approach to it. Beside the simplified design, functionality and practicality, our main market intentions is the need of consumer to understand the important of reducing unwanted wastes whenever possible especially when it comes to consuming beverages when they are outside. Hoping that with the use of our product or without, consumers will have an understanding, the need and the urge to help combat this unwanted crisis which is happening as we speak. 

By 2nd quarter of 2022, we founded UrbanCraft Bottles. It's the simplest yet practically effective method that may or will change the course for a greater need of saving the environment starting from our own community area and of course it all has to start from us.

The Design Process.

As for product designing, we always wanted a funky yet hype up design within a bottle with multiple color ways which is custom produce into production. And to achieve this, we design and hand picked each and every single color combination in which it reflects the individuality liking and make it into production. And so, each and every single bottle that comes out from the production line is unique to us. For us, it is not just by looking cool, fun and yet functional on it's own, it reflex the individuality who carries it. 

Definitely works well alongside with our daily use and by carrying outdoors as a travel companion that's for sure! 


We ''LOVE'' our product. 

Finally, with this products, we hope this might change the course in replacing the usage of unwanted beverage packaging especially on beverages and most importantly, to combat and trying our very best to self achieve a ''Zero Wastes'' anywhere possible by doing your part and ours at UrbanCraft.