ハリモミ HARIMOMI no°24

Size: 90 gram
Sale priceRM48.00

Ever wonder what will it be like surrounded by Japanese fir high up in the mountain slopes in Southern Japan? In commemorating the memories of us visiting Akaishi Mountains in Honshū, this spectacular beauty of Japanese fir trees (Abies Firma), or also known as “Momi’’ by the locals, we had decided to share this unique scent experience and projected this candle series.   

Infused with a heady key notes of freshly picked coniferous aroma of fir needles combine with fresh pine overtones, and with the combine blend of uplifting lemon as top note. Together with a subtle touch of blackcurrant as middle and musk keynote combine. This series is the perfect remedy to calm you down and rejuvenate your senses with its far beyond earthy atmosphere which embraces the beauty and their majestic height of Japanese Fir.

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